Sep 17 2007

UCF vs. Texas


Amazing Game, Amazing Rush!!


Sep 10 2007

UCF Football!

So after a win against NC State, I am really psyched about the first game in BHNS (Bright House Networks Stadium). It is the coolest thing ever to realize that we are opening up a BRAND NEW STADIUM, and this really is a once in a lifetime event. I do have season tickets this year in section 114 (home side) but I will not be using them (my family will). I get to be with the band this entire year. I hope everyone who can comes out to the game. It is a sold-out game I do believe. But there are always tickets somewhere.

Besides that life is good. School is going good.

Aug 10 2007

Life Update

Sorry that I have been so busy as to not write. Here is an update.

  • I sold my iMac G5. It was about time to update it, and I found a buyer, so I sold it. I am currently waiting for some more funds to become available, and then I will order my new Mac Pro system.
  • Summer Semester ended, so there was school work to do, studying, etc. Glad it is over.
  • Band camp is around the corner, so we have been busy at the MK Office getting ready for the season. We will be over 300 members at this rate. So it is very exciting times.
  • Got a new laptop. My MacBook Pro kept on getting dim spots on it, so I called Apple for the 3rd time, and they wanted to replace the screen again, like they had did the past two times. This was not acceptable, and since I didn’t have my iMac anymore, I wasn’t about to go without a computer for 6 days. So I called Customer Care and told them that the Tech Rep was less than helpful, so they overnighted me a brand new machine, with the updated hardware.

Besides that all is good, going into my graduating semester. WOO!

Jul 30 2007

National Convention

Well convention is over and the following things happened:

  • Met the Boston Brass again.
  • Celebrated Cristina ‘Nasty’ Venturini’s birthday (3 times)
  • Saw Ian (not for very long)
  • Met new people etc.

It was a fun convention from what I was able to go to. But I am disappointed in not being able to spend more time with some of the brothers that I don’t get to see ever. Oh well. I will post pictures soon.

Jul 19 2007

Busy Busy

I know I have not updated in quite a while. Will be back to that very soon! Sorry to anyone who reads this, or checks it!